Free nutrition lectures at YMCA


A healthy lifestyle cannot be maintained without proper nutrition. Problem is, what to put in our mouths and when is harder than it sounds.

The Sussex County YMCA, in partnership with Newton Medical Center’s Community Health Department, is holding free nutrition lectures throughout the rest of the year.

Please take advantage of these programs. Registered Dieticians will be running the workshops and are available to answer all your nutritional concerns.

The next two lectures, entitled “Diet, Activity, Sleep & Stress: Pillars of Health,” will be held on Wednesday Oct. 4. “Basic Nutrition: How Many Grams of What Do I Need?” will be on Wednesday, Nov. 1 and “Comparison of Anti-Inflammatory & Mediterranean Diets” will be on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Pre-registration required at the Welcome Center. For more information call 973-209-9622.


Dates: Oct. 4; Oct 11; Nov. 1; Dec. 6

Time: 12 p.m.

Cost: FREE

Sussex County YMCA
15 Wits End Rd.
Hardyston, N.J. 07419

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