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Healthy recipe we love: Chicken Pot Pie w/ Chive Mashed Potatoes

The cool weather will be here before we know it, even though we’ve been sweating bullets all month long. Be prepared to make the fam a comfort-food classic with this delicious take on the chicken pot pie by Jersey Fresh.

Be sure to visit the local farmer’s market for fresh, local ingredients!

2 lbs whole chicken breasts with skin and bones
1 cup pearl onions, unpeeled
2 Jersey Fresh medium carrots, cut into ¼-inch thick slices
2 Jersey Fresh celery ribs, cut into ¼-inch thick pieces
½ cup Jersey Fresh peas
¼ pound mushrooms, sliced thin
2 TBS unsalted butter
¼ cup Jersey Fresh shallots, finely chopped
1 bay leaf
¼ tsp Jersey Fresh thyme, crumbled
¼ tsp Jersey Fresh tarragon, crumbled
¼ cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup Jersey dry white wine
2½ cups chicken broth
salt and pepper to taste

Mashed Potatoes:
1 ½ pounds Jersey Fresh potatoes
¼ cup sour cream
3 TBS Jersey Fresh chives, minced
salt and pepper to taste

To make filling: In a large saucepan, bring 3 quarts of water to a boil. Add chicken and simmer, uncovered 25 minutes. Remove pan from heat and transfer chicken to a bowl, discarding cooking liquid. Cool. Discard skin and bones. Cut chicken into ¾-inch cubes.

Bring 2 quarts water to a boil and cook onions until tender. Transfer onions to a bowl of cold water, reserving cooking liquid in pan. Peel onions and add to chicken. Return reserved cooking liquid to a boil and cook carrots and celery until just tender. Drain carrots and celery and add with uncooked peas to chicken mixture.

Cook mushrooms in ½ TBS butter over moderate heat, stirring, until softened and golden brown and add to chicken mixture. Cook shallots with bay leaf, thyme, and tarragon in remaining 1½ TBS butter over moderately low heat, stirring, until soft and pale golden and stir in flour. Cook mixture, stirring, 3 minutes and gradually whisk in wine, broth, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer sauce 5 minutes, whisking occasionally.

Discard bay leaf. Pour sauce over chicken mixture and stir until combined well.


For Mashed Potatoes: Peel potatoes and cut into 1-inch pieces. Cover potatoes with water and simmer until very tender. Drain potatoes and reserve about 1/3 cup cooking liquid. In batches, force potatoes through a ricer or food mill fitted with medium disk into a bowl and stir in sour cream, chives, salt and pepper to taste, and enough reserved cooking liquid to reach a fluffy consistency. Do not use a food processor. Transfer potatoes to pastry bag filled with a ½-inch fluted tip.

Spread filling in a 1½ to 2-quart gratin dish or other shallow baking dish. Pipe mashed potatoes decoratively in mounds on filling and bake in a pre-heated 425 degree oven until filling is bubbling and potatoes are golden on edges, about 25 minutes. Serves 4.



Sparta Farmers Market announces new Winter location

The Sparta Farmers Market, now in its sixth year, has been instrumental in highlighting the delicious local food and beautifully crafted goods in Sussex County.

Please note that starting Nov. 4, the Sparta Winter Farmers Market is moving to the Hilltop Country Day School, located at 32 Lafayette Road, Sparta. starting at 10 a.m.

The Winter Market Currently, the will be held every Saturday from 10 a.m-1 p.m. in November and December.

Currently, the Sparta Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the parking lot of the Sparta Health and Wellness Center, located at 89 Sparta Ave. (on Rt. 517) until Oct. 28.

For more, visit

Happy shopping!


Healthy recipe we love: Autumn Chowder

We found this on the Jersey Fresh website and loved it! It’s the perfect way to welcome the beginning of autumn.

2 TBS olive oil
1 cup chicken broth
½ tsp pepper
2 TBS flour
2½ cups Jersey Fresh potatoes, peeled and diced
1 cup Jersey Fresh carrots, sliced
1 cup Jersey Fresh onion, finely chopped
3 cups milk
½ tsp salt
2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
3 cups Jersey Fresh corn, cooked and cut from the cob

Heat oil in a Dutch oven. Add onion and cook until tender. Stir in chicken broth, potatoes, and carrots. Simmer until potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes. Stir in milk, corn, pepper, and salt, and heat until simmering. Mix cheese and flour and add to soup mixture, stirring constantly until cheese is melted.

Serves 8.

Click here to visit Jersey Fresh.

Free nutrition lectures at YMCA


A healthy lifestyle cannot be maintained without proper nutrition. Problem is, what to put in our mouths and when is harder than it sounds.

The Sussex County YMCA, in partnership with Newton Medical Center’s Community Health Department, is holding free nutrition lectures throughout the rest of the year.

Please take advantage of these programs. Registered Dieticians will be running the workshops and are available to answer all your nutritional concerns.

The next two lectures, entitled “Diet, Activity, Sleep & Stress: Pillars of Health,” will be held on Wednesday Oct. 4. “Basic Nutrition: How Many Grams of What Do I Need?” will be on Wednesday, Nov. 1 and “Comparison of Anti-Inflammatory & Mediterranean Diets” will be on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Pre-registration required at the Welcome Center. For more information call 973-209-9622.


Dates: Oct. 4; Oct 11; Nov. 1; Dec. 6

Time: 12 p.m.

Cost: FREE

Sussex County YMCA
15 Wits End Rd.
Hardyston, N.J. 07419

Pass it on: Vegetable gardening lessons from generation to another

The Sussex County Main Library is hosting a free conversational program called “A Legacy of Vegetable Gardening: Past, Present and Future,” featuring Rutger’s Master Gardener Mandy Coriston. Learn ways to adapt gardening lessons from our grandparents’ generation to modern times and technology.

Master Gardeners are local volunteers who give lectures, create gardens, conduct research, and do many other projects to help their communities. Master Gardeners can give you home gardening advice specific to your region.

Click here and register today!


Date: Monday, Sept. 11

Time: 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Cost: FREE

The Sussex County Main Library
25 Morris Turnpike
Newton, NJ 07860