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Raising Oral Cancer awareness at the David Nasto Memorial Walk/Run

On Sept. 23, members of the community will walk, run and support one another as they raise funds and awareness for the Oral Cancer Foundation.

The David Nasto Memorial Walk/Run, now in its tenth year, is a 4.1-mile course through a beautiful slice of Sussex County at Perona Farms, in Andover. Start the morning with a Zumba warm up and take advantage of the free oral cancer screenings, photobooth, live music, free breakfast and barbecue lunch, raffles, speakers, prizes and more.

According to the Sparta Independent, the fundraiser has raised approximately $300,000 for the Oral Cancer Foundation’s awareness initiatives and life-saving research.

David Nesto was a Sussex County resident who died from oral cancer 11 years ago. It is also a day for family and friends to remember David and celebrate his life.

Some sobering statistics by the Oral Cancer Foundation: Almost 49,750 Americans will be diagnosed with oral oropharyngeal cancer this year and will cause over 9,750 deaths (killing roughly one person per hour, 24 hours per day). Of those 49,750 newly diagnosed individuals, only slightly more than half will be alive in five years. Learn more here.

Click here to register.  Online registration closes at 12 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 22. After this date, please register in person the morning of the event with cash/check/money order made payable to The Oral Cancer Foundation.


Date: Saturday, Sept. 23

Time: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Race/walk starts at 10 a.m.

Cost: $25 for runners/walkers; Free for oral cancer survivors and kids 5 and under; $15 for students; $10 for kids 6-10;

Perona Farms
350 Andover Sparta Road
Andover, N.J.


Free nutrition lectures at YMCA


A healthy lifestyle cannot be maintained without proper nutrition. Problem is, what to put in our mouths and when is harder than it sounds.

The Sussex County YMCA, in partnership with Newton Medical Center’s Community Health Department, is holding free nutrition lectures throughout the rest of the year.

Please take advantage of these programs. Registered Dieticians will be running the workshops and are available to answer all your nutritional concerns.

The next two lectures, entitled “Diet, Activity, Sleep & Stress: Pillars of Health,” will be held on Wednesday Oct. 4. “Basic Nutrition: How Many Grams of What Do I Need?” will be on Wednesday, Nov. 1 and “Comparison of Anti-Inflammatory & Mediterranean Diets” will be on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Pre-registration required at the Welcome Center. For more information call 973-209-9622.


Dates: Oct. 4; Oct 11; Nov. 1; Dec. 6

Time: 12 p.m.

Cost: FREE

Sussex County YMCA
15 Wits End Rd.
Hardyston, N.J. 07419

Relax at the library with the Beginner’s Yoga club

Every Wednesday, the Community Room at the Main Library turns into a relaxing oasis for Yogis. Bring some comfortable clothes and join the Beginner’s Yoga Club.

Not only does the practice of Yoga de-stress and quiet the mind it also has a wealth of health benefits such as increased strength and flexibility, promote healthy circulation and heart health, realign your posture. See graphic for more benefits.


Yoga Infograph
Provided by Harvard Health Publications


No registration is required but click here for more information.


Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Cost: FREE

Main Library
125 Morris Turnpike
Newton, NJ 07860

National Healthy Aging Month: 5 ways Baby Boomers can stay healthy and happy

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are nearly 75 million Baby Boomers in America, and with September being National Healthy Aging Month, Susan Bowerman, M.S., RD, CSSD, CSOWM, FAND – director, Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training at Herbalife Nutrition, is sharing tips to help Boomers stay healthy as they grow older.

Dealing with Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are a fact of life for both men and women. These changes may be accompanied by weight gain, especially in the mid-section. Hormonal changes can also lead to disrupted sleep or mood changes, which can be very stressful. So in addition to staying active and watching your weight, it is also important to find balance in your life and perform stress-relieving activities. Yoga, meditation or simply engaging in a new activity may help you to deal with the effects of hormonal change.

Balancing Your Nutrition

A healthy diet and active lifestyle is the best way to protect your health as you age. Balanced meals contain protein to keep you full and satisfied, plenty of fruits and veggies to provide vitamins and minerals, and just enough healthy fats to provide flavor. Fill about two-thirds of your plate with healthy carbs such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans, and the remaining one-third low-fat proteins, such as fish, poultry or lean meat.

Maintaining healthy bones as you age

Strong, healthy bones are really built during adolescence and young adulthood. That’s because the body’s ability to store calcium in the bones peaks at about age 30, so this is a critical period during which you can maximize bone density.  It’s important to get plenty of calcium in your diet and regularly engage in weight-bearing exercise at any age, but it’s particularly important when you’re younger to ensure bone health as you age. But that doesn’t mean all is lost if you’re older. Taking in adequate calcium every day (needs increase to from 1000 mg daily to about 1200 mg per day after age 50) and regular weight-bearing activity can help maintain bone strength.

Maintaining muscle mass and a healthy weight as you age

Building muscle mass can be done at any age. When you establish the right habits at a young age — which includes consuming adequate protein and engaging in resistance exercise — you’re more likely to continue those habits throughout your life. The amount of muscle mass you have determines, in large part, your resting metabolic rate.  So, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns at rest.  Building and maintaining muscle mass is one of the best defenses against “creeping obesity” — the slow, incremental upticks in your body fat and weight as you age.

Maintaining healthy skin as you age

The foods you put into your body, and the way you take care of your skin when you’re young, can affect the appearance of your skin as you age. Your skin relies on protein to manufacture its supporting structures, and plenty of fluid to help prevent dryness. Getting into the habit of cleansing, moisturizing and regularly using sunscreen when you’re young can help you to maintain a healthy complexion as you get older. Skin damage that happens when you’re young may not show up until decades later, so your best defense is to get in the habit of taking good care of your skin now.

Just thought you should know: Well+Good’s 2017 Wellness Trends

Well+Good just released its 2017 Wellness Trends and the results are pretty interesting — as well as refreshing. If you’re a health and wellness nerd like us, you’ll get a kick out of what’s set to trend in 2017.

“These 15 trends are among the most exciting we’ve covered in seven years,” says Melisse Gelula, Well+Good’s co-founder and editorial director in a release. “You’d be hard pressed to attend a dinner party in the next few months without one of these coming up.”




Some of the results are:

Why inflammation-fighting foods are filling up your grocery cart: Fighting inflammation with food is quickly becoming a major health priority. Expect to see food brands capitalizing on the buzz in 2017.

Meet Workleisure: Athleisure is taking on the workplace: Thanks to athleisure, life has become a lot more comfortable. But the one place fashionable fitness clothes have yet to fully infiltrate? The office. And major brands are taking note, designing what Well+Good has termed “workleisure.”

Cannabis gets seriously commercial: Retail brands now want to be your cannabis dealer, with pot-infused foods, beauty products, and other consumer goods that bottle the plant’s much-buzzed-about healing benefits. Cannabidiol is showing up in skin-care brands, drink powders, sprays and suppositories.

Next-gen wellness retreats want to add stamps to your passport: Wellness travel has always existed, but now curated experiences developed by top tier fitness instructors are trending. You can join your yoga teacher in Cuba, or spend a week of clean eating, custom workouts, daily massage in up-and-coming destinations like Botswana.

Welcome to the era of menstrual realness: We’re now moving into an era of menstrual realness inspired by Kiran Gandhi’s free-bleeding 2015 London Marathon run, and led by better-for-you feminine product brands that are speaking to directly to young women with in-your-face, laugh-at-the-patriarchy campaigns.

Plant protein blossoms in a big way: Gone is the idea that protein has to come from an animal. Pea and hemp proteins are popping up everywhere, in increasingly delicious powders for smoothies, in nutrition bars, in potato chips—and also at trendy restaurants like By Chloe and Momofuku Nishi.

“Woo-woo” wellness goes mainstream: When you can fill your shopping cart at Target with Crystal Light as well as crystals, you know something’s seriously changed. Crystals are increasingly celebrated as life-enhancing, whether as jewelry or in home design, by everyone from Jennifer Aniston and hip-hop stars to fitness phenom Taryn Toomey.

Collagen’s boost to it-ingredient status: For a growing number of women, the secret to their glowing skin—not to mention shiny hair, strong nails, pain-free joints, and healthy digestion—is the fibrous protein. Think bone broth, acid-packed nutrition bars, collagen-rich powders and bottled drinks.

Nesting at home is the new going out: On social media, we’re glamorizing our nesting habits, and our pretty, carefully designed bedrooms in a way that decor sites like Apartment Therapy might. Next year’s going to be all about re-charging.

The future of fitness is franchised: SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp started the boutique fitness craze, but the companies using a franchise model are largely the ones scaling it. The barre scene, filled with examples like barre3, Barre Code, and Bar Method, are thriving the most.

Hyper-functional beverages, your new health tonic: Forget sugary, vitamin-dusted waters—new hyper-functional, ultra-healthy, virtually medicinal beverages are about to flood the market. Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, focusing your thoughts, or quality shut-eye, there’s a drink for that.

Everyone’s ditching their makeup for the natural look: It seems like every week, another celebrity posts a proud makeup-free selfie, exclaiming her enthusiasm for joining the #NoMakeup movement. While makeup isn’t going away, authentic beauty is going to be a hot topic—for women and beauty brands—in 2017.

The social scene is sobering up: If you steer clear of sugar, chug green juice, and schedule daily workouts in your calendar, there’s bound to come a time when alcohol—and the ensuing hangover—starts to lose its luster. For many New Yorkers and Angelenos that time is now, and a tide of booze-free social gatherings is rising to meet the sober crowd where they are.

Beauty counters are getting cleaner: Women are now reading the labels on their beauty products as carefully as food labels. As a result, chic, cleaner beauty products are getting way more accessible. Natural and organic brands are sprouting up almost daily, and becoming a very viable industry that’s estimated to reach $16 billion by 2020.

Recovery now rules for fitness fanatics: An obsession with high intensity workouts has led to over-training and injuries, ushering in a new let’s-slow-down mentality that’s going to keep spreading. Tough workouts aren’t fading away, but people are finally focusing on good habits, recovery classes, and self-care products to offset their physical toll.

To view the complete list of Well+Good’s 2017 Wellness Trends visit